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Our Services

 Exterior Body wash
 Tyre / Rim  & dressing
 Clean Windows
 (Inside & outside)
 Clean Mirrors

 Vacuuming Excluded

Exterior Body wash
Tyre / Rim  & dressing 
Clean Windows (Inside & outside)
Clean Mirrors
Door hinges
Door railings & boarders 
Vacuum (interior & seats)
Dash Clean


Exterior Body wash  
Tyre / Rim & dressing 
Clean Windows
(Inside and out)
Clean Mirror, Door hinges, door railings & boarders, sun visors, rear view mirror & roof handles, sun roofs, Engine clean – includes the engine, bonnet lining, outer lip & water channel & painted surfaces
Boot – spare wheel compartment, wheel cleaned & shined, stains removed (where necessary), interior – stains removed off seats, carpets, mats & roof linings (where necessary)
Chrome trim polish, all badges exhaust tail pieces & other chromed trims polished.

Other services include:Paint correction: Industrial fallout occurs when small airborne metal particles settle on the surface of your car and bond to it. We take your car on a 3-step process whereby we remove surface elements I.E. swirl marks, light to medium scratches, holograms and buffer trails and light water etching. The next step requires an intense polishing process. Your car will be treated to a high polishing technique which will rejuvenate your cars surface. The final step in this service is to seal the vehicle surface to a ensure beautiful and well protected surface is maintained. Visit us for a free quote today!

Headlight restoration: Over time your headlights are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Restore your headlights for better and safe visibility on the road.

Interior Treatment: A leather or vinyl treatment is great way to clean, protect and seal the interior parts of your car. 

Engine decrease: Our products we use are all Eco friendly, however tough enough to remove grease leaving your engine looking super clean. Click on the tab above  "Our Team in action" and check out gallery. There's a photo showing an amazing before and after transformation done by our Team!

Bug & sap removal: Our products are able to remove bug and sap residue from those surfaces exposed and most affected.

*NEW SERVICE* Window Tinting: Competitively priced - Your car stays cooler - Protective film - Protection from   Ultraviolet radiation - Reduces glare and eye strain. Visit us or call for a free quote on your car today.